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LOUMA, formerly subset companies known as NOMA, Pepette, Beach Haus, and Zeyla, has recently undergone a new single rebrand that is set to include home gifts. The company is known for its beautifully hand-dyed scarves and artisan gift accessories. Our philosophy is to "Live Beautifully"... by both surrounding oneself with things, people and ideas that are lovely, and by making choices each day that allow us to feel beautiful on the inside.

Our designs have been featured multiple times on Good Morning America and The Today Show, as well as Extra and CBS's The Talk. Originals have appeared in the pages of People StyleWatch and Latina Magazine and across the fashion blogosphere, frequently appearing in features throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The company recently has changed its focus to also include artisan home gifts and has been rebranded as LOUMA. The new name is inspired by 2 very influential matriarchs, Louise and Mary Anne. Both of these women made the present company possible through years of support and design influence, and seeing as we are making some big changes, it was important to us that the new name honor these special women who made the company possible.

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